Krispy Kreme

The One Nine Three Group is handling Krispy Kreme as the doughnut chain plans to return to public ownership by selling four million shares of stock priced in the $21 to $24 range.

Krispy, which aspires to be “the most loved sweet treat in the world,” sold 1.3B doughnuts, 64 percent of which were of the original glazed variety, in 30 countries during fiscal 2020.

Despite selling a billion-plus doughnuts, Krispy could not turn a profit, losing $64.3M on $1.1B sales. The red ink continued into fiscal 2121 as Krispy suffered a $3.1M loss on $313M revenues during Q1 ended April 4.

JAB Holding took Krispy private in 2016 after it bought the company for $1.4B. Following Krispy’s IPO, JAB will retain a 38.6 percent stake in the company.

The One Nine Three Group’s Zach Siegel handles media for Krispy’s IPO and Tristan Peniston-Bird deals with the investment community.