EvolveMKD CEO and founder Megan Driscoll offers advice on effectively marketing to women in a rapidly changing marketplace on the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video interview with Doug Simon.

“The way that women communicate with one another and with men has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, and that's only been accelerated by COVID,” Driscoll says. Since “the channels that we use have become so varied,” she tells Simon that “we have to really be laser focused on not only messages that will appeal to the widest array of women no matter what they're doing in their lives, but also that will work on all of those different channels.”

EvolveMKD employs a lot of original research in its work, and one major area Driscoll says that research has focused on is women’s mental health and communication. “As an agency, what we've been trying to do is really use these research findings to help inform our client recommendations.”

She also says communicators have a responsibility to lead brands toward outcomes that have a positive effect on society. “I think the energy you put out there, both personally and professionally, is what you get back.”

The agency’s research has led it to define five different types of communicators—from the Meet-and-Greeter, who loves face-to-face time, to the Oversharer, the Initiator, the Observer and the Protector.

As a Meet-and-Greeter herself, Driscoll says that pandemic-era communications have been a challenge. “I find Zoom very draining,” she tells Simon. “So, I tried to really focus on a lot of phone calls, a lot more touch points, even if it was via text.”

Driscoll adds that communications can be sensitive and effective at the same time and cites a campaign her agency worked on for a company that was launching a treatment for cellulite. The client balanced a “self-love message” with a solution to a problem. “Those are the brands that we really love to work on.”

And while preparation is key for any communicator, she tells Simon that in addition to refining their message PR pros need to “take a moment to think about who you're putting that out to or who you're presenting to… Really adapt the content and the tone and the delivery of your messaging to make sure that they receive it in the best possible way.”

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