BGR Government Affairs is providing guidance and strategic communications services to the National Council of Resistance of Iran—US Representative Office.

The Office is a coalition of various political, ethnic and religious Iranians who are committed to a democratic, secular and non-nuclear state.

It fashions itself as Iran’s “parliament in exile.”

BGR, which began working for the Office on June 22, is focused on promoting the virtual “Free Iran World Summit 2021” slated for July 10-12.

More than 1,000 political figures, including 25 members of the US Congress, 30 former US officials and a dozen ex-prime ministers and presidents, plan to participate in the Summit.

The event will feature calls to prosecute Iran’s recently elected next president Ebrahim Raisi and supreme leader Ali Khamenei and showcase organized opposition to Iran within the country and throughout the world.

BGR president Jeff Birnbaum and senior associate Alex Ellis handle the Iranian effort.

The DC-based firm will be paid a $40K project fee for representation that runs through July 31.