Brunswick Group handles media for Weber Inc., an outdoor grill maker that expects to raise $800M via an initial public offering valued at more than $8B.

Founded nearly 70 years ago by George Stephen, inventor of the outdoor grill, Weber controls 23 percent of the US market and 24 percent of the global business, according to Frost & Sullivan.

It is the No. 1 player in the US, Germany, Australia, Canada and France.

The Palatine, IL-based company, reported a 212.6 percent net income surge to $73.8M during the six-month period ended March 31 on a 61.4 percent sales jump.

In its S-1 filing, Weber notes the “COVID-19 environment has encouraged consumers to cook at home and enjoy the benefits of outdoor grilling, creating increased demand for our grills and accessories, and we expect to continue to benefit from these trends even after the pandemic recedes."

Brunswick Group’s Ash Spiegelberg and Patricia Graue handle Weber.