Dawa Khan Meenapal
Dawa Khan Meenapal

The Taliban today murdered Dawa Khan Meenapal, who headed Afghanistan’s government media & information office, as he was traveling in Kabul, according to the Associated Press.

The shooting is part of an assassination wave launched by the Taliban, targeting government officials in the wake of America’s decision to end its involvement in the “forever war.”

The Taliban on Twitter called the killing of Meenapal, who had earlier served as a spokesperson for Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, a “special attack of the Mujahedeen.”

Ross Wilson, US Charge d'Affaires, is “saddened and disgusted” by the targeted killing of Meenapal, whom he called a friend and colleague whose career was focused on providing truthful information to all Afghans about Afghanistan, according to his tweet.

He called the murder “an affront to Afghans’ human rights and freedom of speech.”