BCW re-engaged with Tunisia’s Ennahdha political party following president Kais Saied’s power grab on July 26 that upended the democracy that sprouted in that northern African country in the wake of the “Arab Spring."

The president suspended parliament, fired the prime minister and briefly detained leaders of Ennahdha, a moderate Islamist/Muslim movement that is the leading democratic party in Tunisia.

The WPP unit had wrapped up its business with the London-based Ennahdha Party Diaspora Group at the end of last year but re-upped on July 28.

That engagement letter calls for media support, strategic communications counsel and outreach to key stakeholders in the US.

It covers work through September 28 and a $15K monthly fee.

BCW has executive VP Bill McQuillen and senior VP Shaila Manyam handling the Tunisian account.