Champion picks up Punchh, which provides customer loyalty, offers and engagement solutions for restaurants, convenience stores and other physical retailers. The agency is tasked with developing brand narratives to generate positive local, national and trade media coverage for Punchh. It will also execute an omnichannel strategy to amplify Punchh’s digital marketing objectives. “We engaged Champion to help us share our expertise in the loyalty and customer engagement space,” said Punchh co-founder and CEO Shyam Rao. “Champion has outstanding media and brand connections from coast to coast, so we’re looking forward to a successful partnership.”


Pietryla PR & Marketing scoops up Surge for Water, a 501c3 non-profit that provides communities with safe water, sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health solutions. Pietryla will leverage both online tools and traditional PR to help the organization raise the profile of its annual fundraising gala Sept. 18 at Salvage One in Chicago. Pietryla PR & Marketing president Christine Wetzler said that the work is “a good fit for us” as the agency strengthens its digital and social marketing capabilities. Surge for Water founder and executive director Shilpa Alva said the organization was “very glad to find a great fit with Christine and her team at Pietryla PR as we look for ways to keep our organization visible in the news and with donors.”


Amendola Communications has been selected by clinical trial technology company Curebase to work on the launch of its Decentralized Clinical Trial software platform. Curebase says that the DCT model revolves around the patient's lifestyle, enabling diverse studies with broader patient populations. "We are excited to leverage Amendola, which brings a stealthy team, strategic healthcare IT expertise, and a long history of proven wins," said Curebase founder and CEO Tom Lemberg.