Malaysian Palm Oil Council

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council has hired DCI Group for a public affairs push to support its efforts to improve the labor and human rights policies and practices in Malaysia.

Human Rights Watch reports that the coalition that came to power in Malaysia in March 2020 launched a crackdown on media freedom, free speech, refugees and migrants.

In January, the government used the COVID-19 pandemic to declare a state of emergency, the first in 50 years, according to HRW.

A new prime minister, Malaysia’s third in three years, took power on Aug. 21.

Palm oil is an ingredient in more than half of the packaged goods (food, detergents, cosmetics) used by Americans.

Malaysia accounted for 25.8 percent of the world’s production and 34.3 percent of exports in 2020.

DCI also will enhance the market expansion of Malaysian palm oil by creating better acceptance of it through awareness of various “techno-economic” advantages and environmental sustainability, according to its Justice Dept. filing.

The firm’s one-year contract is worth $25K in monthly fees.