Ogilvy Government Relations is handling the US unit of Dutch semiconductor company ASML Holding NV as it deals with the impact of the global shortage of chips due to increased COVID-19 pandemic-triggered demand.

ASML’s photolithography systems are used in leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing.

The company, which has had a Silicon Valley presence for more than 20 years, opened a new campus on Aug. 20 that will boost its headcount there by 20 percent in 2022.

Ogilvy will help ASML in areas such as the CHIPS Act, which will pump money into the domestic semiconductor sector, and the US Innovation and Competition Act, which is designed to counter China’s burgeoning economic and political influence.

The WPP unit has an eight-person team representing ASML.

That includes Dean Aguillen, ex-aide to Nancy Pelosi; Karissa Willhite, deputy CoS for Jersey Senator Robert Menendez; Moses Mercado, deputy CoS to ex-Democratic leader Dick Gephardt; and Chris Giblin, CoS to Texas Congressman John Carter.