Mike Richards
Mike Richards

Mike Richards, executive producer of Jeopardy, whom Sony Pictures Entertainment anointed as the weeknight replacement for the dearly departed Alex Trebek, a move that triggered outrage among diehard fans, is canned.

Sony had picked insider Richards after the charade of conducting tryouts for 16 broadcasters, TV personalities and one very misplaced quarterback, Aaron Rogers of Green Bay.

Richards basked in the glory of his new gig for a nanosecond until a cascade of past discrimination lawsuits and offensive jokes entangled him.

Deciding to quit while he was ahead, Richards gave up the Jeopardy host opportunity.

Mike’s decision to give up his dream job apparently wasn’t enough for his boss, Suzanne Prete, executive VP, business strategy at Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

She sent a note to staffers saying that Richards is no longer executive VP of the Wheel and Jeopardy.

“We had hoped that when Mike stepped down from the host position at Jeopardy, it would have minimized the disruption and internal difficulties we all have experienced these last few weeks," she wrote. "That clearly has not happened.”

Note to Prete: if Jeopardy had selected the talented Mayim Bialik or LaVar Burton, both of whom scored high marks during their tryouts, the “disruption and internal difficulties” never would have happened.

Sony's PR nightmare continues as it plans to resume the hunt for the next Trebek.

Ireland’s New York consulate is aware of Quinnipiac University’s boneheaded decision not to reopen its “Great Hunger Museum” and wants to help find a new home for the collection.

It sent the following message to O’Dwyer’s:

“We believe it is important that a new home be found for this important collection in the months ahead.

“The aim should be to re-house the collection so that the works it contains remain accessible to the public and researchers alike.

“The Consulate is willing to work with the University to try to find a home for the collection in the months ahead.”

The ball is in your court, Quinnipiac.