Lanny Davis
Lanny Davis

Lanny J. Davis & Associates and the Livingston Group have signed on as DC representative for field marshall Khalifa Haftar, the 77-year-old Libyan-American commander of the Libya National Army, to build US support for the national election that is slated for Dec. 24.

Davis, who was special counsel to president Clinton and his spokesperson during the impeachment trial, is working in conjunction with former House Speaker-designate Bob Livingston.

The Davis-Livingston team inked an engagement letter with an advisor to Haftar on August 24 that establishes a monthly fee of $160K for up to six months.

The mission is to prepare and support a high-level visit to Washington by the client.

In support of the DC visit, the Davis-Livingston team will draft a background paper and talking points to be pre-approved and used by the client and team in advance and during the trip.

The backgrounder will “list reasons why the US government should provide additional political, diplomatic and economic support to the extent possible to enhance the future of a unified Libya under a democratic system of governments governed by the rule of law,” according to the Davis-Livingston engagement letter.