Ahmad Massoud
Ahmad Massoud

Sonoran Policy Group has signed a six-month contract to provide strategic advisory services to Ahmad Massoud, a leader of the resistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Massoud is the 32-year-old son of “The Lion of Panjshir,” who kicked the Soviets and then the Taliban out of the Panjshir region.

Al-Qaeda assassinated the legendary guerilla leader Ahmad Shah Massoud on Sept. 9, 2011, two days prior to the attack on the World Trade Center.

Sonoran’s representation of Massoud is via its Stryk Global Diplomacy unit. It is working on a pro bono basis.

The Taliban has launched an offensive against Massoud’s forces in the Panjshir Valley.

The Massoud Foundation says it is “monitoring the Pakistani-supported Taliban invasion of the Panjshir Valley with alarm and resolve.”

It is organizing humanitarian aid packages, assisting refugees and calling for international support.