FleishmanHillard, which promoted the United Arab Emirates' "Hope Probe" mission to Mars in July, is now pitching the oil-rich state as a good place to do business.

The UAE, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, announced 50 initiatives designed to attract $150B in foreign investment over the new decade as it competes with Saudi Arabia to become the economic engine of the Arab World.

It also is eager to rebound from a 6.1 percent economic contraction suffered during COVID-19-impacted 2020.

The Omnicom unit has a three-month pact for corporate positioning and brand management government media office of the UAE Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future.

That work began Sept. 1.

FH's US arm provides media relations and stakeholder engagement regarding investment and business activity, targeting audiences here. It also backstops the work of FH's London office.

The PR team includes senior VPs Jessica Dillman, Michael Schmidt and Amy Rand; VP Colin Hart; and senior account executives Shelby Powers and Amanda Jada.