The Institute for Public Relations is celebrating its 65th birthday on Oct. 26, and to mark the event, IPR is presenting two free webinars. At noon, Integral CEO Ethan McCarty and The Harris Poll managing director Rob Jekielek will present “Employees Give Employers a Performance Review,” which looks at the results of the Integral Employee Activation Index, a new report examining the impact of societal/political issues and workplace experience on employee perceptions and behavior. At 4 p.m., “Behind-The-Scenes of IPR: Best Practices for Conducting Research,” a presentation led by IPR President and CEO Tina McCorkindale, will go over how to conduct a research report. In addition, Oct. 26 will be the first IPR Give Day, a 24-hour campaign, starting at 8 a.m., that will give IPR supporters and contributors an opportunity to directly support the organization’s upcoming research and scholarships.

Black Marketers Day

The Black Marketers Coalition announces the creation of National Black Marketers Day, an annual celebration which will be observed on Nov. 16. The day recognizes Black marketers across the nation by celebrating them, their accomplishments, businesses and what it takes to be a Black marketer in today's society. Coalition founder Sequoyah Glenn, who is research director at Morning Consult, said the idea of the day was inspired by the impact and legacy of the Johnson Publishing Company, one of the first Black media organizations to give Black marketers a start. The coalition will mark the event with a full week of virtual and in-person activities to recognize and celebrate the whole Black marketer. Corporations and employers are encouraged to host luncheons or highlight successful Black marketers within their organization through programs and internal communications. “We wanted to make sure Black marketers had a way to be celebrated by their employers, clients and allies in a more formal way,” said Glenn.


The Museum of Public Relations is holding a Nov. 30 fundraiser that gives PR pros a chance to show off their non-PR talents while raising money for the museum. "PR’s Got Talent” will be a showcase for those in the industry who want to give their skills at singing, comedy, dancing, etc. an airing—and possibly win one of three PR-related prizes. Participants will submit a one-minute audition tape for the judges to review, and those chosen to perform will be given a three-minute time slot for the live online show. According to the museum, an informal study revealed that many practitioners, educators and journalists serving the profession think it’s time to lighten things up and express themselves creatively outside the world of spreadsheets and PowerPoints. If you agree, submit your one-minute demo here.