The secret to snagging local media coverage for a local or regional organization? Get personal. That's what Hollywood agency principal Darlene Hollywood tells Doug Simon in the latest "PR's Top Pros Talk" video interview.

"It's really about finding that personal angle you can exploit," Hollywood says. "It's telling the human interest piece of it and tying that into the local media."

That may be a bit of a stretch for organizations that are more accustomed to taking about the nuts-and-bolts details of their operation, but Hollywood says that is changing.

"For a lot of the local businesses that we're working with, there are a lot of not-for-profits, for example. So, it's not so much about a widget, it really is about who is making the widget or the story behind it. So, I think that they are often pretty open to having those kinds of conversations on a more public basis."

Having been with major agencies, Hollywood says that the difference between working with the big brands and those that are trying to make their way in a local market isn't as big as you might think.

"At the end of the day," she says, "we're all storytellers, and we're just telling a different kind of story to a different kind of press."

But with local media, she tells Simon, "relationships really, really, matter... There's an opportunity to get to know them so much better than a lot of folks that are working in the national press."

The strategies to use with local organizations include, perhaps not suprsingly, social media. "We are doing a good amount of social media support for our clients," she says, and adds that there's even a spot for influencers in a local media campaign, as well as "more hyper local events that we're supporting, especially now that things are somewhat stabilized and coming out of COVID."

Making connections in the community is also important. Hollywood stresses the value of being "a good corporate citizen" and says that "just by participating, showing up for meetings, networking, meeting people" communicators can form the connections that may lead to productive business relationships

"That's the real message that I think people don't appreciate," she says."There's a lot of business that is right in their backyard, and a lot of local organizations want to work with local partners."

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