Sakura Komiyama Amen
Sakura Komiyama Amend

SKDKnickerbocker has announced the hiring of Sakura Komiyama Amend as managing director in its New York office.

She joined the Stagwell unit from EN+Group, Moscow-based producer of "green" aluminum.

Amend signed on as the first US-based communicator for EN+Group after it restructured its corporate ranks and was removed from the US Treasury's sanctions list.

Prior to EN+Group, Amend did nine-year stint at Finn Partners, six-year run at Goodman Media International, and six-year stretch as associate producer at CBS News.

She has led campaigns for Bloomberg Philanthropies, Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Japan Prize Foundation and Silver Springs Networks.

Josh Isay, SKDK's chief, said Amend's "expertise in energy, environment and philanthropy will bolster our capabilities in key areas of the firm."