Khalifa Haftar
Khalifa Haftar

Lanny Davis and former Congressman Bob Livingston terminated their relationship with Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar on September 30.

The partners promoted Haftar's support of a free and fair, United Nations-supervised election in Libya on December 24 to facilitate a peaceful, stable, unified and democratic country.

Davis distributed two media statements on behalf of Haftar and reached out to the Wall Street Journal's Vivian Salama, Politico's Ryan Lizza and Middle East Eye's Umar Farooq, according to his federal filing.

Lanny J. Davis Assocs. and The Livingston Group signed a contract on August 24 to represent the 77-year-old field marshal, who is a US citizen.

They were to receive a $160K payment to cover the first-month fee of a six-month contract.

That "Phase 1, High-Level Visit to Washington, DC" engagement was to be followed by "Phase II, Ongoing Representation."

The Davis-Livingston team was to negotiate the terms, fees and conditions of an annual Phase II pact following Phase I. That pact was to support the "continued enhancement of the US-Libya relationship."

Davis and Livingston released a statement to MEE: "We offer the field marshal our best wishes that he can carry out the commitment he made to us, leading us to represent him under FARA and as stated in our mission statement in our contract: That he will continue to support the UN-supervised free and fair elections as scheduled on 24 December 2021."