Eric Adams
Eric Adams

5W Public Relations CEO Ronn Torossian organized the victory celebration for incoming NYC mayor Eric Adams that was held at downtown Manhattan's Zero Bond.

About 125 business leaders, celebrities and supporters nibbled on sliders and sushi as they hailed Adams for his pro-business stance.

The Zero Bond festivities began at 10:30 p.m. after Adams delivered his acceptance speech at Brooklyn's Marriott Hotel, where Gov. Kathy Hochul made an appearance.

Adams, a former cop, promised the Zero Bond crowd that he would reset relations with the police, make NYC the most business-friendly place in the world and clear the streets of homeless people who are "camping in front of our restaurants and hotels."

Torossian, a long-time friend of Adams, put together the guest list that included Madison Square Garden CEO James Dolan, ex-Google chief Eric Schmidt, Softbank CEO Marcelo Claure, comedian Chris Rock, rapper Ja Rule, Jefferies Financial boss Rich Handler, actor Forest Whitaker and City Council president Corey Johnson.

Zero Bond is a members-only club that charges $3K for an annual membership and $1,000 initiation fee. The Adams campaign picked up the tab at the swanky club.

Adams, 61, continued partying at Cipriani's after he exited Zero Bond.