Prince Charles
Prince Charles

Though the UN Climate Change Conference may ultimately produce more hot air verbiage than solid plans to cool global warming, the confab provided a valuable platform for PR people to polish the green credentials of their clients.

Prince Charles used the Glasgow conference to announce the first winners of the Terra Carta Seal.

It’s the royal seal of approval awarded to companies that commit to taking actions to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

In announcing the first 45 winners, The future King of England touted the PR benefits of his award. The Terra Carta Seal “allows consumers to see which companies are taking genuine actions in the right direction,” said the Prince of Wales.

IBM, L’Oreal, Bank of America, Xerox and Unilever were among companies to bag the award.

Terra Carta derives its name from the Magna Carta, which inspired the belief that people have fundamental rights and liberties.

It aims to reunite people and the planet by giving fundamental rights and value to Mother Earth.

The PR community says thanks, Chuck. If the king gig doesn't work out, give Hill+Knowlton a call.

News flash: Newsmax says it strongly believes and has reported that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.

It does not believe that the vaccines contain any toxic materials or tracking markers and has never reported such false claims.

The network issued that statement following a Nov. 1 tweet from its Washington correspondent, Emerald Robinson, that the vaccines contain “a bioluminescent marker called Luciferase so you can be tracked.”

Luciferase is an enzyme found in fireflies. I remember catching fireflies as a kid. Some of my friends put the fireflies in glass jars with airholes punched into the lid. Is that the fate of those who got the COVID-19 shot, Emerald?

Eliot Jacobson, Newsmax EVP and chief content officer, shot down that marker nonsense via a Nov. 2 statement to Mediaite. “We have seen no evidence to suggest Luciferase or Luciferin are present in any vaccines or that they are used as any sort of bioluminescent marker.”

Robinson’s tweet has been deleted. But she has many other gems on Twitter to keep her more than 437K followers happy.

Here's one from Halloween:

“The Biden Administration is not inept or incompetent or making lots of mistakes because its real goal is to demoralize the nation.

That’s why biological men dressed as women who flood nursing homes with COVID patients are chosen as 4-star admirals.”

That's a doozy.

Sorry, Donald. Following Glenn Youngkin’s whipping of Democratic retread Terry McAuliffe, the Republican Study Committee issued a roadmap for GOP candidates based on lessons learned from the Virginia race.

Though Donald Trump endorsed Youngkin, the candidate maintained his distance from the former president.

Likewise the GOP memo does not mention Trump.

Although, it teasingly says “a conservative agenda trumps Biden’s agenda among swing voters.”

The Democrats' best hope of retaining the White House may depend on their secret weapon: The Donald running for his old office.