"Fostering more meaningful engagement between creators and their communities" is a key component of Pinterest's new Creators feature, and it's also a central part of Pinterest's long-term strategy, LaMia Jenkins Thompson, the company's global head of communications, tells Doug Simon.

"What we know is that we must innovate and evolve our products and experiences to really attract, and engage, and maintain our creators," Thompson says.

That interest in creators extends to such initiatives as Haven, which centers around "investing in rest and really thinking about your mental health and wellbeing."

With the stress that many PR pros are feeling these days, Thompson suggests what might seem an unusual coping strategy: "Deprioritize things."

"Everyone's got so much on their plate," she says, so "we deprioritize in order to put things on our plate that are burning or something that's a crisis or an emergency."

Thompson also stresses the importance of building relationsips both with brands and the media so that everyone is working together. "We want to make sure that brands that come to our company and our platform are successful."

She talks about some the ways that companies are partnering with Pinterest. That includes things like offering a "virtual test drive" for potential Volkswagen customers or letting the users of 20 different L'Oreal brands "come on to the platform and try on makeup."

How can commmnicators best take advantage of the opportunities Pinterest offers? "Think about those things that you want to communicate to your audience," Thompson says. "Really think through what's the right approach, what’s the right moment? Really bringing awareness to a product."

"The other thing," she tells Simon, "is action. Is there something that's actionable that you want your audience to do or how do you communicate that?

"We want people to go from inspiration to actionm" Thompson says. "So, seeing a recipe to executing it and doing it for your family, delivering it for your family. And I think because about three fourths of the content on Pinterest come from businesses, our promoted pins are really interwoven into organic services that don't interrupt the user experience, but also are very additive to that experience."

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