John the Baptist

Jordan has hired Finn Partners to create a communications campaign that would transform the site believed to be where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ into the world’s leading spiritual pilgrimage destination.

Situated on the eastern bank of the River Jordan, the site has Roman and Byzantine remains, including a monastery, churches, chapels and caves that were used by hermits.

The communications objective of The Bethany Beyond the Jordan project is to drive investment for the site and heritage center and to increase awareness of Jordan as a welcoming tourism and cultural site.

Jordan envisions a spiritual tourism experience at Bethany Beyond the Jordan that is enhanced by storytelling that is biblical, historical, and cultural; authentic, informative, and inspiring; entertaining, educational and affordable.

It wants to attract tourists, students, pilgrims, and religious scholars from around the world.

Finn Partners has a six-month contract worth $324K for Phase 1 and 2 of the effort that runs through the end of the year.