Ogilvy Government Relations is representing Carvana, the fast-growing online used car dealer, on data privacy and security matters.

The Tempe, AZ-based company reported a 74 percent surge in Q3 revenues to $3.5B and a $68M loss, which was up from $18M a year ago.

Carvana blamed the deficit partly on “explosive growth” that created “significant operational constraints” in its system.

It explains that “buying more cars from customers leads to more last-mile pickups, more customer care interactions, and more complex title processing requirements, which in turn leads to more complex registration processing.”

Ogilvy’s seven-person Carvana team includes Chris Giblin (chief of staff to Texas Republican Rep John Carter); Karissa Willhite (deputy CoS to Jersey Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez); and Todd Novascone (CoS to Kansas Republican Sen. Jerry Moran).

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