"Corporate Social Responsibility is a term that's been around for a really long time," TogoRun president and CEO Gloria Janata tells Doug Simon, "and it speaks to the idea that corporations are doing what they need to do to make sure that they're supporting certain aspects of the communities that they're working in."

ESG, she says, reflects "a real difference in terms of how society is looking to companies to define what they do. I think a gratifying thing that we're seeing in C-suites across the health and wellness sector, is looking at environmental factors, social factors, governance factors"

While Janata says that "purpose-driven" may be "an overused term," it's still "a very important thing to be thinking about when we're talking to members of the C-suite."

"What we're trying to do is really get everyone to think about what that overriding purpose is," she tells Simon, "and then all communications really look to that. And that's sort of your North Star, and that builds on your mission, and your vision, and your values, and everything."

Janata also talks about how purpose and mission play a central role at TogoRun, right down to the name of the agency. Togo, she says, was an undersized sled dog that, though overshadowed by the more famous Balto, accomplished big things through delivering life-saving serum to the residents of Nome, Alaska, during the diptheria outbreak of 1925.

The dog "didn't care about who he was delivering the medications for, had no thought other than just getting the job done and saving the people that needed to be saved."

That mission of persistence and purpose, she says, carries over into the mission of TogoRun's healthcare clients. "It's the story about medicine, because a lot of times that drug that perhaps gets approved first is not really the story that you need to look at."

"We're all about finding those untold stories," Janata tells Simon. She says that her firm has been fortunate to work with clients who are "very forward thinking" and focused on ESG. "That's a very gratifying and a very meaningful thing."

She also says that companies and communicators in healthcare need "to actually look at their clinical trials and their base in terms of who they're serving and make sure they're there widening the pie and serving everyone that we need to as an open and as a progressive society."

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