Lindsey Carnett
Lindsey Carnett

As our economy continues to bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic, businesses are fighting over consumers more than ever before. From oversaturation of social media advertising to targeted Google ads to commercials on streaming services. It appears we can’t escape the constant stream of companies trying to sell us something.

This bombardment has turned many consumers off brands. Instead of inspiring them to purchase a product or service, they want nothing to do with a company.

PR, however, allows organizations to communicate their key messaging to stakeholders, while coming across as more authentic.

Below are five tips and tactics on how to effectively utilize PR to drive sales.

Remember the power of earned media.

When promoting your organization there is nothing more powerful than a third party validating your product or service. When you purchase ads, you are saying “I’m great and here is why,” but when a credible news outlet promotes your product via a story, a third party is validating your organization. This holds more clout with stakeholders and adds credibility to your company. If a publication writes a positive story about your organization, consumers trust this and hold it in higher regard.

Engage the right

Working with influencers has become a key component of any marketing strategy. However, companies should be strategic about which influencers they work with. If you run a restaurant, it doesn’t make sense to work with a fashion influencer or if you work for a tourism organization it may not make sense to partner with a pet influencer. Depending on the industry you are in, you should find the right influencer who aligns with your brand. Also, utilize influencers in the right ways, be clear with your expectations, the results you hope to achieve and what rights you have to content they create. Often creating a written agreement with influencers is the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Boost your media and influencer coverage.

After securing stories with media and influencers, share the stories on social media and tag the outlets in them. This will result in more people seeing your story and becoming familiar with your brand. Also, encourage the outlets to share the stories on their social as well and tag you in the posts. You also should consider boosting your social media posts that share these stories. This is different from traditional advertising, as it holds more credibility because you are sharing coverage from third parties that consumers hold in high regard and trust.

Secure speaking opportunities at in-person and virtual conferences.

Another way for consumers to become more familiar with your brand is by attending industry-related conferences and speaking at them. Often press also cover these conferences, so it could result in media placements as well. Speaking at conferences positions you as an expert and leader in your industry and is a great way to promote your company in an authentic setting.

Submit your company for awards and other recognitions.

What better way to be seen as an expert in your field than to win an award for the work you’re doing? Don’t be shy and put your company’s great work on display. Winning prestigious awards shows you’re a leader in your field. Often these awards also have a celebratory event that accompanies them, so it’s also a great way to network with others.

While it’s clear that advertising isn’t going away, there are other tactics companies should be taking to engage consumers. Integrating PR into your marketing strategy is a great away to resonate with your audience and achieve the results you desire.


Lindsey Carnett is the CEO and president of Marketing Maven.