The Ontario Ministry of Economic Development has hired Edelman to promote the Canadian province as a top automotive manufacturing center and a strong partner to the US.

The contract went into effect Jan. 26, which was before the Ottawa truckers strike forced automakers to cut production.

The No. 1 independent PR firm will highlight collaboration and trade ties between the US and Ontario and how the relationship results in mutually beneficial job creation.

Vehicle assembly and auto parts production accounts for more than 100 jobs in Ontario.

Global automakers have invested more than $6B in Ontario during the past two years, including $4B to fund the transformation to electric vehicle production.

Edelman also will attempt to block any “Buy American” provision of US infrastructure legislation and advocate for an integrated “Buy North American” approach instead.

Edelman’s team includes Scott Evans, Toronto GM; Daniel Workman, Washington-based senior VP; and Lauren Nucciarone, Neil Trotter and Rajiv Prasad, who are members of the international marketing and promotion unit.