When you're pitching yourself or your client to be on a podcast, Christina Nicholson says, the best thing you can do is be "super specific on what you can offer that podcast audience."

The owner of Media Maven, founder of Podcast Clout and a podcast host herself, Nicholson says that "drilling down to a specific niche" can result in making you stand out and increase your chances of booking a podcast appearance.

She stresses that, as in all pitching, building relationships is essential. "But with podcasts, it's different in the sense that the podcast host is making the decision. There's not a lot of red tape, there's not a lot of approval processes like traditional media. So, if you can build a relationship with a podcaster on Twitter, or Instagram, or LinkedIn, then your chances of getting a yes when you pitch are really going to increase."

One of the biggest mistakes people make when pitching is "making your pitch long, boring, and overpromotional." Being short, sweet and to the point is key, Nicholson says—as is keeping the interests of the podcast audience in mind.

When targeting "big national podcasts," she does "a little bit of homework" to see what the podcast's host is looking for. "There are ways that you can get on competitive podcasts, you just need to know how to pitch that specific person."

Local podcasts, she tells Simon, are great for people who want to build their personal brand. "I know a lot of people get distracted with the big names and national publicity, but locally you could be getting a lot more bang for your buck or profit from your publicity by focusing on more niche podcasts and local podcasts."

To find the right podcast for your message, communicators should "look at categories because the categories are going to tell you where your audience is, what they're listening to."

Podcasting, she says, has also made a big move into video. "When I record a podcast interview, I tell the guests, let's turn on the camera because I'm going to repurpose this for YouTube. I'm going to take some of this video and use it for teases to put on social media because repurposing content is huge, it gives you a lot to work with, and it doesn't take a ton of extra time, and if it's as easy as just turning on the camera and making a couple of different edits in post, then why not?"

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