BMF checks into Loews Hotels & Co. BMF will serve as a strategic communications partner to bolster the branded owner and operator’s “Welcoming you like Family” messaging. The agency is also being tapped to help evolve Loews Hotels’ branded programs (including Loews Loves Families and Flavor by Loews Hotels) and launch a new dedicated focus around weddings and group offerings. “Tapping BMF as our agency partner in raising awareness and garnering earned media is going to allow us to be creative, disruptive and proactive with both consumer and industry audiences,” said Loews Hotels & Co senior vice president brand & communications Sarah Murov.


MSS Media partners with The Inspired Company on a campaign to raise awareness of Therapute, a new app intended to destigmatize mental health issues, eliminate roadblocks to getting help and provide access to care. AS part of its work, MSS will execute media buy and placement services for the New Jersey/New York City-based benefit corporation’s upcoming ad campaign. Therapute is designed to deliver access to therapy, life coaching, psychiatry, counseling, mentorship and more. The app helps users manage their search, schedule, and payment. It also offers a full-stack platform for professionals to manage their private practice in one place.


Barbara Wagner Communications, which recently celebrated its first anniversary, is working with artist Charlie Hewitt on Hopeful, a project employing sculptures and billboards across the country to spread a message of optimism. The agency is getting out the word about the initiative through outreach to print, TV, radio and blogs, as well as an online campaign. Its efforts have already attracted such outlets as the New York Times and the AP, which will be running a story next week. BWC has also signed on with Tavros Holdings and Charney Companies for their three new developments in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn and Fetner Properties, to promote existing and new development properties.