Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown

Phil Revzin, counselor at The Dilenschneider Group, helped former UK prime minister Gordon Brown prepare his March 10 op-ed calling for the US to back European leaders who want Russian president Vladimir Putin and his cronies to be prosecuted for the slaughter in Ukraine.

Since Russia never signed the International Criminal Court agreement establishing aggression as a war crime, there’s a need for a special tribunal to deal with Putin’s brutality.

“A tribunal would also send a message to Putin and his inner circle that their brutal criminality will not escape trial and punishment,” wrote Brown.

“It would sow fear among Putin’s inner circle, if not Putin himself. Just as those complicit with Nazi crimes started to peel away from their leader and seek private deals, so, too, may Putin’s collaborators begin to cooperate with the forces of justice.”

Revzin spent more than 30 years at the Wall Street Journal as reporter/editor/publisher/VP and did a stint as editor at large at Bloomberg, which published Brown’s op-ed.