The International Association of Risk and Crisis Communication, a non-profit organization that brings together risk and crisis communication professionals from around the world, launches. Geneva, Switzerland-based IARCC will provide members with professional development and networking opportunities, as well as resources and support through education, research, and advocacy. It will also offer professional development in risk and crisis communication through the creation of a dedicated academy. The organization is currently running a fundraising program to support humanitarian efforts geared toward those impacted by the war in Ukraine. "On several occasions, I was confronted with risk causers and risk beneficiaries on the one hand, and anti-risk activists or vulnerable people who did not have the time and ability to assess their risk and make decisions from it," said IARCC president Herbert Koch. "I felt that there was a need for a platform to organize a dialogue between these groups to improve understanding of the issues."

Seven Letter

Seven Letter starts up an environmental, social and governance practice. The firm has also expanded its corporate communications offering to support both public and private companies in their efforts to reach existing and prospective investors, sector analysts and the financial media in the form of financial communications and investor relations. As part of the new practice, Seven Letter has added two new partners, Scott Deitz and Meaghan Hohl. They, along with new hires Christian Rodriguez, Macsonny Onyechefule and Jesse Rogers, will be integral to the expansion of the firm's offerings. "Establishing this ESG practice is a natural expansion for our firm," said Seven Letter founding partner and CEO Erik Smith. "Our new colleagues know the importance of this moment in our industry and they bring tremendous experience and talent to our team."

Carl collective

Marquette University's Diederich College of Communication is partnering with Kansas City, MO-based Trozzolo Communication Group on the launch of the Carl Collective, a student-involved public relations, advertising and communications agency. Based near Marquette's Milwaukee campus, the Carl Collective will partner with clients in the region on a range of services across the marketing communication mix. It will be led by Marquette alumnus Erik Brooks, owner of Brooks Communications, which is being acquired by Trozzolo Communications Group as part of the deal. The agency is named for Carl Schrank, longtime professor and student adviser at Marquette, who passed away in 2019. "This is a big win for the students of today and tomorrow, as they can gain real-world experience they can't get anywhere else," said Diderich College of Communication dean Sarah Feldner.


Dragon Horse Agency's sister company, Dragon Horse Publishing, has launched a campaign to provide 25 percent of book sales of its Toofer & The Giblet, a children's book written by Paulette LeBlanc and illustrated by Ukrainian Dmitriy Morozov, to care.org in support of Mozorov's family and all Ukrainians. Mozorov is based in Dnipro, Ukraine which has been attacked by Russian forces. Dragon Horse Publishing president Julie Koester, also founder, managing partner and president of Dragon Horse Agency, says she is in contact with Mozorov daily. And the campaign is a way for Dragon Horse to "do our small but hopeful part to help the people of Ukraine."