Christina Alesci
Christina Alesci

Christina Alesci, chief corporate affairs officer at Chobani, is leaving the yogurt company to pursue other ventures.

The departure comes as Chobani has put the brakes on an initial planned public offering that was expected to be valued in the $7B range.

She joined the firm in December 2020 after working as a journalist at CNN and Bloomberg for a decade.

At Chobani, Alesci was in charge of internal/external communications, community relations and philanthropy.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Chobani president Peter McGuinness, chief people officer Grace Zuncic and chief strategy officer Michelle Brooks are also leaving Chobani, which is based in Norwich, NY.

Despite the executive exodus, founder Hamdi Ulukaya says he’s never been so excited about the future of his company.

Chobani generated a 14 percent growth in nine-month 2021 revenues to $1.2B but posted a $24M loss.