Jake Dilemani
Jake Dilemani

Mercury Public Affairs is conducting US outreach for GloBee International for Regional Development about the plight of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Ukraine’s second-largest city had a population of 1.5M prior to the Russian invasion. It has suffered a constant barrage of Russian shelling and missile assaults that has killed at least 500 civilians.

GloBee is a non-profit group of business people, lobbyists, PA professionals and American/European expats living in Ukraine.

It organized a Cyber Security Summit in Kyiv in 2017 to warn about cyber threats from Russia. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken attended that session.

GloBee is currently pushing for the US and NATO countries to “close the skies over Ukraine,” a point that president Zelensky stressed during his March 16 presentation to the US Congress.

Mercury is working for GloBee on a pro-bono basis. Managing director Jake Dilemani is a director of GloBee.

The Omnicom unit on February 24 terminated relations with Russia’s En+Group and Sovocombank after president Biden sanctioned them following Putin’s assault on Ukraine.