Ballard Partners has inked a $900K one-year contract to provide strategic consulting and advocacy services to the Democratic Republic of the Congo regarding its business with the US government.

The firm will communicate to Washington officials about the DRC’s goal of enhancing relations with the US, strengthening its democratic institutions and advancing economic growth.

Ballard will promote the DRC as “an international leader on climate change, with equitable compensation for its carbon credits, and allow it to position itself more effectively on the path of the protection of forest resources and national socio-economic development,” according to its contract.

Brian Ballard heads the six-member team that represents the DRC’s Ministry of Communication and Media.

The State Department’s Monica Medina visited the DRC in February and discussed with government officials the need to stamp out corruption, conserve biodiversity and vaccinate its people against COVID-19.

The Assistant Secretary visited Virunga National Park, where elephants, hippos, water buffaloes and mountain gorillas are thriving after being poached to near-extinction.

The State Dept. provided the funds to help train and equip the park rangers that defend VNP against insurgent groups and poachers.