The Stand With Ukraine Through Film project is looking for a firm to promote its efforts to raise money for Ukrainian relief.

Launched March 13 at a community theater in Salem, MA, SWUTF has extended its reach throughout the US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine.

More than 600 theaters in the US have committed to showing “The Guide,” which was produced in 2014. Many of them have already done so.

Set in the 1930s, The Guide tells the story of a boy caught up in events connected to Soviet efforts to exterminate millions of Ukrainians.

The director and producer of the film, now in Kyiv, have released the movie for international screening with only one condition: Any funds raised, including through ticket sales, must go to Ukrainian relief. Arrangements have been made for gifts to be tax-deductible.

Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker and Congressman Seth Moulton were among speakers at the Salem screening that raised more than $10K.

SWUTF is looking for a firm to generate publicity for its efforts on a pro bono basis.

Interested firms should contact [email protected].