Dyversity Communications

Stagwell has acquired Dyversity Communications, a Canadian multicultural marketing shop based in Markham, which is just outside of Toronto.

Its 32 staffers specialize in Chinese and South Asian communications, plus more than 20 other languages.

They offer PR, advertising, strategy, digital marketing, analytics and experiential services.

Albert Yue, CEO and founder of the 26-year Dyversity shop, said he’s proud of building Canada’s largest multicultural shop and sees growth opportunities as ethnic marketing “still accounts for a very modest number of Canadian brands’ total marketing spend.”

He has run campaigns for L’Oréal, Gillette, Xerox, Moet Hennessy, Nestle, UPS, RJ Reynolds and Kodak.

Stagwell chief Mark Penn said Dyversity “sets a high bar for excellence in multicultural insights that aligns with our data-driven approach to shaping culture through the work we do for brands.”

Once Dyversity settles into Stagwell’s Doner Partners Network, the plan is to scale its expertise in the US.