John Brennan
John Brennan

Former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan is joining strategic advisory firm WestExec Advisors as principal.

Brennan headed the CIA from March 2013 until January 2017. After leaving that post following Trump’s election, he was harshly critical of the former president. Trump responded by referring to Brennan as a “lowlife” and threatening to revoke his security clearance, a threat on which he did not follow through.

Prior to his CIA post, Brennan was deputy national security advisor and assistant to president Obama for homeland security and counterterrorism. He previously served as the CIA’s daily intelligence briefer to president Clinton and chief of staff to then-director of the CIA George Tenet.

As Principal at WestExec, he will advise on strategy and geopolitical risk, as well as helping clients handle key business opportunities and navigate global challenges.

“John is an exceptional public servant whose leadership has shaped the United States’ foreign policy for decades,” said WestExec Advisors managing partner and co-founder Michelle Flournoy. “He will bring invaluable insights to our clients.”