Tony Podesta
Tony Podesta

Tony Podesta is working to assure the Biden administration, Congress and the US media that the Government of Libya is committed to conducting free and fair elections this year.

Libya’s first presidential election was scheduled for Dec. 24, 2021, but failed to take place as rival factions could not agree on the political framework required to conduct the vote.

The United Nations backs elections in 2022, warning that the current political instability could further destabilize the oil-rich country.

The US, which "temporarily" relocated its Libyan embassy from Tripoli to Tunis (Tunisia) in 2015, says its official policy is to “promote the ability of Libyans to achieve a unified and inclusive government that can both secure the country and meet the economic and humanitarian needs of the Libyan people.”

Doing business as, Podesta shall push the dual purpose of maintaining political gains for the Libyan Government and advancing stability in Libya to foster agreement on a constitutional basis for elections in 2022.

Its contract is with Tala Elemary Consulting Middle East, a United Arab Emirates-based outfit that is retained and directed by Libya. is to “purposefully liaise” with appropriate US government agencies and officials, and arrange meetings and media opportunities.

The firm is pursuing its objectives through a combination of policy and communications expertise and says it will carry out its duties “in an ethical and business-like manner.”

Podesta Group, which was a top Democratic lobbying shop, imploded in 2017 after it became entangled in the federal investigation of former president Trump’s ties to Russia.