Top PR Agencies of 2022: BerlinRosen was named Observer’s #1 Best PR Firm in America for the second time, which no agency has ever done.

With a team of 300+ strategists, the firm has recently been named PRNews’ Large PR Agency of the Year and received 5/5 stars on Forbes’ Best PR Agencies in America list. BerlinRosen represents over 500 clients, including Samsung, Color Of Change, Brookfield, SEIU, GLAAD, Mozilla, Singapore Airlines, UNICEF USA, Audible, Cornell Tech and Northwell Health.

Observer highlights the firm’s client growth (Bloomberg Intelligence, Westfield, MeToo, Mozilla, One Vanderbilt, Macy’s, Via), expanding headcount, revenue growth and its own philanthropic endeavors. After the unprecedented challenges of 2020, Jonathan Rosen, BerlinRosen’s principal, co-founded the nonprofit initiative NY Forever to support New York City. The publication concludes by highlighting “for all those reasons, and others we barely have space for, BerlinRosen is our agency of the year.”

BerlinRosen has grown over the past 16 years and established itself at the center of corporate purpose initiatives, spearheading social impact PR, marketing and strategy for companies and organizations. As consumers become more focused on the mission behind the brands they support, corporations and nonprofits alike are looking for pathways to shape and communicate their values and impact.

BerlinRosen’s deep work on the issues at the fore today—racial and social justice, climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, workers’ rights and more—positioned the agency to help clients navigate tough moments and provide authentic and meaningful engagement with internal and external audiences.

With offices across New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., BerlinRosen represents clients across a wide range of verticals such as entertainment, advocacy, technology, real estate, culture, lifestyle, sustainability, travel, philanthropy and CSR, and provides full-service communications and marketing services, including public relations, digital strategy, advertising, branding, influencer marketing, cultural competency and public affairs. For more information about the firm, visit its website