Rob Shorthouse
Rob Shorthouse

Teneo has hired Rob Shorthouse as managing director in its Dubai outpost.

Shorthouse was a partner at Consulum, the London-based government advisor firm co-founded by Bell Pottinger alums Tim Ryan and Matthew Gunter Bushell.

He led Consulum’s $6M “Relaunch Hong Kong” PR campaign to bolster the city’s image after the government People’s Republic of China put a draconian national security law into effect on July 1, 2020. Consulum shuttered its Hong Kong office in January.

Shorthouse also worked in Hong Kong as director of strategy and communications for the English Schools Foundation.

He served as director of communications for the Better Together effort that defeated Scotland’s 2014 referendum on independence from the UK and was head of media & PR for Glasgow’s successful bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Shorthouse also held top communications jobs at ScotRail, Scottish Football Assn. and the Strathclyde Police, where he was special advisor to the chief constable.