The marketing profession is among the industries that most often fall prey to data breaches, according to a recent study by password manager app NordPass.

The study, which was conducted to assess the password habits of top-level executives, found that the media and marketing industries accounted for the sixth-most breached of all sectors researched.

Other industries that are most often victims to security incidents include the technology, finance, construction, healthcare and hospitality sectors.

The NordPass study reported that poor password hygiene remains one of the biggest reasons behind company security breaches. The study reported that managerial-level executives often rely on the names of people for their passwords (examples included “Tiffany,” “Charlie,” “Michael” and “Jordan”) as well as mythical creatures or animals (among the most popular are “dragon” and “monkey”) or other weak passwords such as a simple sequence of numbers or letters.

According to NordPass, “123456” remains the most popular password among internet users worldwide.

NordPass’ study was based on an analysis of more than 290 million data breaches around the globe. Research was conducted by NordPass, working in partnership with independent researchers.