Who knew that there is a real paper company, Pennsylvania Paper & Supply, inside the iconic building seen at the opening of every episode of “The Office?”

Tom Goodman, CEO of Goodman Media International, certainly does.

His New York firm was brought in this month to tell the world that, indeed, there is a big paper company in Scranton, PA, and to help it celebrate its 100th anniversary.

GMI reached out to stars of “The Office” and national and local media before the company held a presser in front of the Scranton building on May 20.


NBC, which originally aired the sitcom about the make-believe Dunder Mifflin paper company, ran a piece about “the real-life paper mill company featured in The Office” turning 100 years old.

The Wilkes Barre Times Leader reported that Penn Paper & Supply has a “family working atmosphere with long-term employees,” just like The Office.

NBC took the straight-up “iconic Scranton business from The Office celebrates 100 years” angle.

Meanwhile, Andy Buckley, who played Dunder Mifflin’s CFO David Wallace, and Hidetoshi Imura, who portrayed Hide, were among those tweeting and sending out videos to celebrate Penn Paper & Supply’s centennial.

Scranton Mayor Paige Gebhardt Cognetti and
Penn Paper CEO Douglas Fink

CEO Douglas Fink is unlike the quirky Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) of The Office but revels in the notoriety his company gained from the show.

He finds humor in the tongue in cheek” Dunder Mifflin sign on Penn Paper’s tower and the shrine to The Office inside its headquarters.

The landmark tower is one of the most “seen” facades on TV, ranking right up there with Tom’s Restaurant in New York City on “Seinfeld” and “The Brady Bunch” house in Los Angeles.


Lynn Jesuitt-Donnini, Penn Paper & Supply VP-People, Culture and PR, says fans from across the country and throughout the world visit the building to take photos and shoot home videos with the tower in the background.

The publicity stemming from the 100th-anniversary celebration of Fink’s company will most likely trigger the arrival of even more fans of The Office in Scranton.

Penn Paper & Supply, according to Goodman, has more PR events in store for its anniversary year.

They also will create much buzz for “The Electric City.”