Kim K
Kim Kardashian

Beyond Meat goes beyond nutrition labels…..The money-losing plant-based protein brand has hired professional tastemaker Kim Kardashian as its “chief taste consultant.”

“As an icon synonymous with impeccable taste in food, fashion, beauty and more, Kim will highlight the brand’s delicious, nutritious and sustainable product portfolio with her signature recipes and engaging create contents,” according to that more than a mouthful sentence in Beyond Meat’s May 24 release.

Claiming her fridge and freezer are fully stocked with Beyond Meat goodies, Kardashian wants to inspire her fans to chow down on the stuff.

Beyond Meat could use all the help that it can get.

Its 2021 revenues dropped 14.2 percent to $464.7M while the net loss grew 245 percent to $182.4M.

Beyond Meat says its 2022 operating environment continues to be affected by near-term uncertainty about COVID-19 and its impact on demand levels, labor availability and supply chain disruptions.

Eat up, Kim and perhaps invite your sisters over for dinner.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering proposals for “nutritional labels” on environmental, social and governance investment funds.

Chairman Gary Gensler believes investors need consistent and comparable disclosures about asset managers’ ESG strategies.

“I’m reminded of walking down the aisle of a grocery store and seeing a product like fat-free milk,” said Gensler in his May 25 statement. “What does fat-free mean? Well, in that case, you can see objective figures, like grams of fat, which are detailed on the nutrition label.”

He envisions similar labels to spell out what asset managers mean when they market funds as “green,” “sustainable,” “low-carbon” and so on.

Gensler means business. The SEC on May 23 fined BNY Mellon investment advisor unit $1.5M for allegedly mistating and omitting information about ESG funds that it managed.

It was the first fine of its kind, though more of them may be on the way.

Democrats need to weaponize their gun control PR... Imagine if the Uvalde police department had been “defunded” prior to the massacre of 19 children and two adults at the Robb Elementary School.

All hell would have broken loose with Republicans like Ted Cruz racing before any available TV camera to bash Democrats for stripping the local police of the needed resources to insure public safety.

William Saletan, a writer for The Bulwark conservative opinion site, says Democrats should take a page from the Republican playbook and weaponize wedge issues.

He notes the gunmen at the Texas school and Buffalo supermarket used assault weapons for mass murder.

Those weapons pack more firepower than the arsenals of typical police forces.

“Increasingly police are outgunned,” wrote Saletan.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police have come out against the sale of assault weapons to the public because they don’t want law enforcement officers to be outgunned.

Democrats should attack Republicans, who block efforts to ban the sale of assault weapons, as enemies of law and order.

The children in Texas “died after Republicans, in the name of law-abiding gun owners, blocked legislation that might have prevented this tragedy and this shooter, among others, from outgunning the cops,” wrote Saletan.

Democrats should drop their pipe dream that GOPers are going to cave and agree to some restrictions of firearms.

There will be no Kumbaya moment designed to save the kids. Republicans don't give a fig about them. They put guns over children a decade ago after Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter.

It’s time for Democrats to fight back and brand Republicans “anti-cop.”

Spitting mad over the New York Times’ decision to run a May 10 op-ed by Yale University history professor Timothy Snyder that called Russia a fascist state, Vladimir Putin’s top propagandist Vladimir Solovyov tweeted that the same could be said of Donald Trump and the MAGA crowd.

Snyder wrote that Putin refers to a past golden age and imperial greatness for Russia.

Solovyov pointed out that the Make America Great Again slogan refers to a bygone era that was more myth than reality.

He said Snyder’s thought that fascism needs symbols of belonging applies to the red hats worn by Trumpers.

And the professor’s idea that fascists conduct big rallies to show support for the leader?

“Mass events in support of the leader: Do you want me to play a clip of the dancing Trump?” tweeted Solovyov.

If the shoe fits.