BGR Group has inked a $2.1M contract to represent the Muslim World League, which calls itself the global voice of moderate Islam.

Saudi Arabia is a leading contributor to the MWL, which is based in the kingdom.

BGR’s contract calls for spreading MWL’s message, “which is clarifying the concepts of Islam in a moderate form that is based on Muslims’ true religion and values.”

The League also is interested “in exploring ways of cooperation with some non-governmental religious and social organizations and institutions to establish the concept of religious freedom, community peace, environmental development and sustainable prosperity.”

BGR’s one-year contract is dated May 30 and can be renewed for another year.

Jeffrey Birnbaum, BGR PR president, and Liz Fontaine, digital director, handle the account.

Qorvis, which is Saudi Arabia’s go-to PR firm, has been working with the MWL.

In May, it distributed an op-ed by Mohammad bin Abdulkarim al-Issa, secretary-general of the MWL, condemning the January assault on the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, TX.

The FBI shot and killed Malik Faisal Akram, who had taken four hostages, during the attack.

Publicis Groupe owns Qorvis.