"Crypto is a really complicated topic to so many people," 21Shares head of global communications Arielle Sobel tells Doug Simon, "and what we strive for here, at 21Shares, is to educate the world about what crypto is and how crypto can help."

In order to educate consumers, Sobel says, it's necessary to break down crypto's complexities into terms that the average person can understand.

"As an agency that's starting to get into crypto, you really have to keep what you do and the products that you put out into the market as simple as you can, so simple a kindergartener can understand it," she says.

And while PR pros also have to make sure the media are up to speed on the intracacies of crypto, Sobel tells Simon that she has been impressed by how knowledgeable about the field many reporters are. Because of that, she says those reporters should be seen as a major resource. "Utilize the trade reporters, get to know them, get coffee with them, meet them, and see how other companies are doing it."

As regards the future, she says, "I don't think crypto is being used to its full potential at all. I think we're just at the very beginning of where crypto is and what crypto can do. And I think there's companies, there's so much good competition in the space."

Sobel also says that the crypto conversation is expending into new areas. "I think the institutional world is really flipping from what is bitcoin, to we know bitcoin and we are adapting bitcoin to now get really further into the more niche parts of the crypto world, which is really interesting."

She stresses that communicators focused on crypto need to understand the whole field. "I think that it's really important for your spokespeople to be experts not only in the products that you put out into the market, but to the products that exist in the general cryptocurrency world."

Twitter, she says, "is actually a really incredible source for all things crypto. It's where everything really happens. If you can be a PR person in the crypto space and follow Twitter really closely, you can actually find out things that happen much sooner than many reporters in the space."

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