Fox News

Fox News, which has been cool to president Trump of late, is now fully on the Trump Train in the aftermath of the FBI “raid” of his Florida compound.

Making up for some lost time, Fox on August 10 gave major play to Trump’s latest lie that president Biden knew about the raid, which is said to be the opening salvo in rounding up the red-hat crowd.

It picked up a story from its sister publication, the New York Post, about the FBI searching Melania’s wardrobe at Mar-A-Lago. How perverted! How dare they?

The Fox bombastic coverage of the FBI incident comes on the same day that Trump took the Fifth Amendment in New York’s probe into his company.

Fox’s spin was that the president was only exercising his Constitutional rights.

It gave play to his statement: "When your family, your company, and all the people in your orbit have become the targets of an unfounded, politically motivated Witch Hunt supported by lawyers, prosecutors, and the Fake News Media, you have no choice."

Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch doesn’t want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. He is the engineer on the Trump Train.

The network certainly doesn’t want to alienate MAGA nation as the riches of the midterm election spending are within reach.

Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch told investors on Aug. 10 that midterm ad spending is expected to exceed the 2020 presidential cycle.

He expects a combination of political races and ballot issues across key Fox markets to bolster the bottom line.

Murdoch specifically mentioned high profile Senate races in Arizona, Georgia and Florida and gubernatorial contests in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin.

“We are seeing an unprecedented wave of political spending, which accelerates as we head towards November,” said Murdoch.

President Biden has more legislative achievements in less than two years than what Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had in eight, notes Ed Luce, US columnist for the Financial Times.

His Inflation Reduction Act stands as America’s first serious attempt to deal with global warming.

Though Clinton and Obama enjoyed Democratic majorities, they failed to win passage of the Kyoto Treaty on climate change in 1999 and the cap and trade bill in 2009.

Biden succeeded with a Senate split 50/50.

He also is the first president to tame Big Pharma’s lobbying clout to allow Medicare to negotiate for lowering prescription drug prices.

Tricia Neuman, of the Kaiser Family Foundation, said it's “hard to overstate” how Biden overcame such fierce drug industry opposition.

Well done, Joe. You can now rest on your laurels and announce that you will not run for re-election to clear the decks for a new generation of Democrats to take over.

Boy, we didn’t see that coming. Domino's Pizza is closing 29 stores in Italy because Italians would rather eat “authentic pizza” in a local restaurant than order a commercial pie online.

Domino’s swaggered into Italy in 2015.

Its press release carried the headline: "Domino’s Pizza in Italy? Oh Yes We Did.”

The Ann Arbor, MI-based company promised to “honor the home of pizza with a local menu.” That’s more than a little condescending.

Domino’s expected Italians would swoon over the ability to order a pizza online with a couple of clicks.

“Italy can be a major milestone for the recognized leader in pizza delivery, as no major American pizza brand has successfully entered the market,” said Richard Allison, then-president of Domino’s International. “We’re going where no pizza brand has gone before.”

Domino’s is now exiting where no American pizza chain should have gone in the first place.

I can't figure out how Domino's makes a buck in NYC, which boasts of many pizzerias, never mind Italy.

There’s a reason Olive Garden Italian Kitchen does not have an outpost in Italy.