Russia Today

Rebel Media Productions of Miami has signed on to produce television content for Russia’s RT International for distribution in China, India, South Africa and South America.

The firm is not involved in the broadcasting or distribution of the content, which will not air in the US market.

Rebel Media will work on the English language program, “The M.O W/Manila Chan,” which deals with how the US and NATO spread war around the world and how that affects people across the globe, according to its Justice Dept. filing.

“War isn’t just about bombs; however, we will also look at the economic warfare waged by the US and its allies and the impact of sanctions on the lives of people globally,” it says.

Rebel will produce 50 episodes of the program. Each costs $25K.

The firm also will produce 50 episodes of “The Whistleblowers,” “360 View,” and “Cost of Everything.”

Rebel Media’s contract with Moscow’s TV Novosti went into effect on Aug. 4.