FTI Government Affairs handles New Zealand’s a2 Milk Company regarding its push for federal approval to enter the US baby formula market.

The Food and Drug Administration, on Aug. 10, advised a2 Milk that it is deferring further consideration of its request for enforcement discretion to import baby formula products into the US.

The FDA also sent deferral notices to other companies wanting to enter the infant formula market, according to the International Dairy Foods Assn.

Bryan Zumwalt, head of FTI’s government affairs unit, is handling the a2 Milk push. He’s the former executive VP-PA for the Consumer Brands Assn.

John Steitz, managing director in FTI’s strategic communications group and one-time chief of staff to Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), and Richard Kottmeyer, a food safety expert, also work the a2 Milk effort.