Chartwell Strategy Group has signed to represent the American Friends of Kosovo coalition on issues concerning US relations, regional development and economic aid.

The US recognized Kosovo’s independence from Serbia in 2008 and has been a staunch supporter of the Balkans nation.

Serbia considers Kosovo an autonomous province and cradle of Serbian civilization. It rejects Kosovo’s independence.

Tensions rose between Serbia and Kosovo early last month as Kosovo declared Serb-issued identity papers and license plates would no longer be valid in its territory.

The US and European Union mediated a settlement to the identity document issue on Aug. 27.

Many unresolved issues remain between Serbia and Kosovo.

“Serbia’s refusal to recognize the sovereignty of its former province lies at the crux of the problems between the countries,” according to the Aug. 31 Voice of America.

Chartwell founding partners Ozzie Palomo, Matthew Epperly and David Tamasi handle the Kosovo coalition account with director Megan Greeley.