Liz Truss
Liz Truss

Brits Give Little Love to Liz… More than two-thirds of Britons have little or no confidence that their new prime minister, Liz Truss, can tackle the cost of living crisis that is strangling the UK, according to a YouGov poll.

Members of her own Conservative Party aren’t bullish on their leader. A majority (54 percent) of Tories have little confidence in Liz.

Only 14 percent of Brits view Truss as an improvement over her bumbling predecessor, Boris Johnson. Twenty seven percent of respondents predict Truss will do a worse job than BoJo. More than a third (34 percent) of Conservatives agree.

Though Truss fashions herself after her hero, Margaret Thatcher, the Brits aren’t buying it. Forty five percent of respondents predict Truss’ premiership won’t measure up to the Iron Lady’s time in office.

The poll results show that the British aren’t planning to give Truss much of a honeymoon.

She did catch one huge break.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the upcoming pageantry surrounding her funeral and the installation of King Charles buys Truss time to get her bearings as the white hot media spotlight focuses on the royal pomp rather than the sputtering UK economy.

The clock is ticking, Liz.

The Heritage Foundation wields a hatchet at ESG… The conservative think tank has launched an overwrought attack on the environmental, social and governance sector.

On its website, HF dismisses ESG to support “the Left’s ‘woke’ culture war to redefine gender, promote critical race theory, and cancel conservatives.”

HF rises to the defense of Big Oil, which is being “punished as part of the Left’s climate alarmism.”

Bulletin to HF: global warming threatens the planet that is shared by progressives and right-wing ideologues alike.

HF is aghast that companies are being pushed to support “social justice” issues.

To Heritage, the “E” of ESG stands for things such as climate change disclosures, solar power and “no oil and gas.” The “S” covers pro-abortion policies/transgender activism/critical race theory and the “G” includes diversity quotas/compensation ties to ESG goals and social credit scores.

HF says: “Companies that adopt ESG policies risk failing Americans who have invested their savings in the company and hurting Americans by moving our society into dangerous dependence on foreign oil, creating social credit scores and demanding investment decisions based on pro-abortion policies.”

On its site,, Heritage offers model state legislation to protect people from those villains working to enlist Big Business as allies in the fight against global warming, efforts to promote fairness and equality in the workplace and empowering women with the right to make their own reproductive decisions.

As Elvis Costello sings, “What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?”

What’s sadder than watching an attention-starved senior citizen continuously whine like a spoiled child about a perceived injustice that happened two years ago?

Financial Times columnist Jemima Kelly has the answer: Donald Trump’s Truth Social Twitter knock-off.

The headline of her piece brands Truth Social as “the saddest site on the Internet.

While Truth Social bills itself as a “Big Tent” operation that is open to all views, it's nothing more than a giant megaphone for Trump, who rails about the need to change the results of the 2020 election.

“Spending time on the site is an unpleasant experience,” wrote Kelly, who said reading Trump’s posts is akin to watching someone have a very public meltdown.

“The Trump you see on Truth Social seems less like a formidable former president energetically planning his comeback, and more like a rather, unhappy 76-year-old man, shouting into the wind,” wrote Kelly.

How sad!