Al Roker
Al Roker

Richard Edelman presented the inaugural Daniel J. Edelman Award to NBC weatherman Al Roker to recognize his social responsibility efforts at PRSA/New York's 35th annual Big Apple Awards celebration on Sept. 22.

"I've never met Al until tonight, but I've never seen a guy with more energy and effervescence," said Edelman, the 45-year NBC-TV veteran.

He has appeared in films, and TV shows and produced programs rooted in social impact through Al Roker Entertainment said the CEO of the No. 1 independent PR firm.

Richard Edelman speaks at PRSA-NY's Big Apple Awards
Richard Edelman kicks things off at PRSA-NY's Big Apple Awards Sep. 22.
Al Roker with Richard Edelman's brother, John
Al Roker with John Edelman.

Edelman said Roker's strong social conscience is evidenced through his support of nonprofits like Ronald McDonald House and organizations such as Paralyzed Veterans of America and the Wounded Warrior Project.

The co-host of the 3rd Hour of 'TODAY" said he was honored to receive the first Daniel J. Edelman Award. "The Edelman name is synonymous with the PR industry," he noted.

Roker talked about how journalists and PR people have the power to shape public opinion and promote positive change. "We have to reach the public with facts and truth," he said. "The stories we tell and the coverage we provide can positively impact society."

Edelman hopes "the annual award inspires the next generation of all of you in this audience to be purpose-driven and citizen-minded."

He considers Rocker the ideal award recipient "because he embodies the values and principles that Dan Edelman founded our firm on."

The sold-out event was held at ASPIRE at One World Observatory of the World Trade Center.