Just when I was able to tell the differences between Gen Z, Y and X, FleishmanHillard rolls out Gen D or Generation Divided. Thanks a lot.

The Omnicom unit, with Columbia University lecturer Kai Wright, have put out Authentic Insights: The Culture Gap, Introducing Gen D that focuses on cultural issues rather than demographic age splits.

From the study:

“People aren’t just divided within communities; they are divided within themselves. An internal state of flux on what’s right and what’s not is underway within us all. People are struggling to be honest with themselves and their actions, feeling a disconnect between what they’re told they truly care about, and what they honestly do in reality. Our moral compass on decision-making is in full swing — influenced by the state of division around us.

“In short, we are living in a polarized world on both a global and individual level. Algorithms are creating echo chambers in our consumption of news feeds, and media agendas driving public opinion and brand action are only the tip of the iceberg.”

Authentic Insights: The Culture Gap, Introducing Gen D

Candace Peterson, global head of brand at FH, said many brands are in a state of arrested development, unsure how to connect with Gen D.

The FH study spotlights not only how companies should view culture but how the divides can be used as springboards to strengthen a brand’s reputation.

Welcome, Gen D.

Ka-ching… Donald Trump knows there is no chance of winning his $475M defamation lawsuit against CNN.

His ace legal team is making the novel argument that CNN doesn’t deserve First Amendment protection under the Supreme Court’s landmark 1964 New York Times v. Sullivan case because CNN is a propaganda machine rather than a media company.

That’s like saying Trump really wasn’t president. He was more like a carnival clown.

Trump is mainly using the CNN case to throw some red meat to the MAGA crowd and shake them down.

In filing the suit, Trump posted: “CNN, the once prestigious news channel that has devolved into a purveyor of disinformation, defamation, and Fake News, at a level which the American Public, and indeed the World, will not even believe is possible."

He also is using the suit as a fundraising tool. On Sept. 30, Trump sent “Let’s Sue CNN” email pitches to support his not-yet-filed lawsuit.

I’m calling on my best and most dedicated supporters to add their names to stand with me in my impending LAWSUIT against Fake News CNN.

“Add your name IMMEDIATELY to show your support for my upcoming lawsuit against Fake News CNN,” the message declared, linking to a donations page.

A second email sent two hours later told respondents that Santa Trump is checking the list and checking it twice to find out who is naughy and nice.

It read: “I am going to look over the names of the first 45 Patriots who added their names to publicly stand with their President AGAINST CNN.”

Christmas came early this year for Trump.

Gary loves Kim. Most Americans are unaware that Securities and Exchange Commission chair Gary Gensler has been trying to regulate crypto securities, which he views as a “highly volatile, speculative investment class," since he took the job in April.

Enter Kim Kardashian, who may be the world’s top influencer. Crypto hanky-panky is now front and center.

Gensler cashed in on Kardashian’s massive celebrity by fining her $1M for a failure to disclose that she was paid to tout a crypto security.

The SEC issued an early Monday morning (Oct 3) press release to announce the Kardashian news to achieve maximum pick-up.

The $1M fine is peanuts for Kardashian, who agreed not to promote cryptocurrencies for the next three years, but it generated millions of dollars of publicity for Gensler and his campaign to reel in the crypto market.

The high-profile takeout of a superstar like Kardashian also sends a warning to the influencer community. The SEC is watching.

Nice job, Gary.